iM Booster

iM Booster is an energy drink for use before and during training and competitions. The drink will contribute to increased endurance and performance.

iM Booster is a drink containing marine peptides, marine nucleotides, marine collagen peptides and Omega-3. iM Booster consists of protein of high nutritional quality, easily soluble carbohydrates, and fat in form of vegetable oil with short fatty acids (medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

In addition, the product contains the following components from the ocean:

Marine hydrolysate (peptides) from pure codfish meat, marine collagen hydrolysate (peptides), marine nucelotides, marine Omega-3 in form of phospholipids, and marine carrageenan from red algae.

Cocoa power is added in the Chocolate flavor version and naturaI beetroot powder in the Strawberry version.